Monday, August 27, 2012

Why I have been neglecting my poor game.

A month ago, Apple release the new OS, Mountain Lion (10.8). I thought of updating, but since a lot of people were having major problems with the previous update (Lion aka 10.7), I decided to wait and see. I have 2 Macs (you can hate me, but I need both), so I thought of updating my laptop first and then update my main computer (if needed kind of thing).

I installed the game on the new OS and it runs with no problems. I only played for like 10-15 minutes to test, I don't really play any game on the laptop. Since 2 new EPs will be coming out of the next few months, I had to do something to help my poor game. After installing Showtime it was crashing more often (if that is even possible!) and the lag had gotten to a point where I thought "Now it's going to crash!" And all that under Snow Leopard (10.6.8), which I love love love!

I still don't know if I will buy Supernatural. I will most definitely buy Seasons, the second I find it here! Maybe I will even buy a digital download so I can have it sooner. New games take a few days to come here (where am I? Narnia?) and if you are like me and have to have a certain game the moment it is released, you will understand the frustration. Just a note on that: TS2 Seasons was the only EP I actually preordered. The only..

Moving on, I just uninstalled Showtime and Pets from the computer to ease the lag. All the saved games seem to load fine (I only tested one, but still! :P). Hopefully I will be able to play without worrying that the game will crash or just quit only to find myself wondering what happened. Just poof and desktop! o.O

The only thing that worries me is the mods I have in the game. I think I have to have the latest release, since the game has the latest update. But is this correct or am I just confusing myself more?

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